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Office, box office and the Helsinginkatu stage:
Helsinginkatu 25,
00510 Helsinki,
ticket sales tel. +358 9 718 622,

office tel. +358 9 718 655

The Pengerkatu stage:
Pengerkatu 11,

00530 Helsinki.

Suomenlinna's summer theatre,

raveliini Hyvä Omatunto


By public transport:

The Pengerkatu stage:
trams 1, 1A, 3B, 6, 7A, 7B and 9
Office, box office and the Helsinginkatu stage:
trams 1, 1A, 3B, 8 and 9.
Suomenlinna's summer theatre:
The HSL ferry or the JT-line ferry from the Helsinki market square.



Ryhmäteatteri is Finland's oldest so-called free theatre company. It has three separate stages in use in Helsinki: the Pengerkatu premises with 300 seats, the Helsinginkatu premises with 380 seats and the Suomenlinna summer theatre in the Hyvän Omantunnon linnake with 560 seats. With a total of over 1000 auditorium seats, Ryhmäteatteri is by far the biggest Finnish non-institutional theatre and a notable cultural operator in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The company's lightweight organization along with its good contacts with the most interesting playwrights of the country enable Ryhmäteatteri to level with what's going on in the world today. Advancing new Finnish drama is important to us. In the past four years as many as seven Finnish premieres have been part of our repertoire. Ryhmäteatteri also delves into world-literature classics on a regular basis. We have produced interpretations of classics from Dostoyevsky to Shakespeare that all bite into our own time.

The crucial resource of the theatre ever since the beginning has been the actors. In Ryhmäteatteri there work many of Finland's top actors from all generations. Ryhmäteatteri is an association and as such an organization whose task is not to gain financial profit, but to create and further such values that encourage the individual to be responsible for her/himself and the world. Ryhmäteatteri wants to do its own part in the task of enhancing the faith in individual's possibilities to make a difference and in the significance of tiny deeds. In Ryhmäteatteri we sincerely believe that it is possible to achieve another kind of world.




Stages and auditoriums:

Helsinginkatu stage, 380 seats
Pengerkatu stage, 300 seats

Suomenlinna's summer theatre, 560 seats


Artistic leaders and directors:
Mika Myllyaho and Esa Leskinen
Juha Kukkonen and Minna Suuronen
Technical director and light designer:

Tomi Tirranen
Sound designer:
Jussi Kärkkäinen
Stage supervisor:
Jouni Kuusimäki
Stage master:
Aatu Jääskeläinen
Costume supervisor:
Marita Kuusiniemi
Head of production and marketing:
Jukka Kärkkäinen
Theatre secretary:
Katri Turtia
Ticket sales:
Jaana Suhonen
Cafeteria supervisor, Pengerkatu stage:
Ville Vierikko
Cafeteria supervisor, Helsinginkatu stage:

Sirpa Kilpiö


Both cafeteria's have liquor license.



Valtakatu 22  
28100 PORI  
Tel. & fax +358 2 633 0125 
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


The Pori based Rakastajat-teatteri is Satakunta's only free professional theatre company. The theatre was founded in 1991 and it offers brave, artistically uncompromising, intense and thought provoking room theatre, not forgetting humour and the madness of life. 

The theatre was named after its all-time premiere, Harold Pinter's play The Lover ("Rakastaja" in Finnish). 

In addition to its own theatre and club repertoire Rakastajat-teatteri also produces e.g. the annual theatre festival for free professional companies namedVapaiden ammattiryhmien Lain§uojattomat. 





Rakastajat-teatteri's hall, 60110 seats 
Rakastajat-teatteri's café theatre, 3040 seats 
Kulttuuritehdas Kehräämö, 250 seats 


Artistic direction team:   
Angelika Meusel, Kai Tanner and Miia Lindström  
Hanna Siivola  
Sanna Grönmark and Salla Jyrkänne 


The theatre's cafeteria has a liquor license. Adjacent to the cafeteria is a restaurant open only by booking for private parties, events and business meetings.